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Monday, May 14, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Shred Day w/ DHodge at Len Moore Skatepark

Go someplace you haven't been in a while.
It'll renew the stoke!
Dipped monty grind on the big a-frame hubba by David Hodge. I'm too friggin' scared to niseslide this that thing!
Respect, bub!
Shitty self portrait. I sure and hairy and ugly!
Chopper life. Love me some ape-hangers!
Len Moore skatepark. Pretty sure this place opened in 2003. Used to be a pay park. Now it's open for free to the public....
But no one really goes here anymore.
Except a few locals.
And a dog! I love dogs! Especially ones shaped like hot dogs!
Big ledges and big flat bars.
I dropped in on this steep hubba....once. At a Osiris demo. It was the day the Osiris video "Subject to Change" premiered. Brockman was here ripping. He was riding Toy Machine boards. Before Jamie Thomas snatched him up for the Zero Army.

Clearly somebody went pro....And I continued to teach kids how to kickflip!
Place was filled with insane terrain.
Not a very well built park by today's standards...
Noseblunt by David.
This ditch are sure was fun though!
Then we went to a certified piece of suck.
Better than nothing!
I got spots!
Then time for some down time.
And corn dogs!
Smothered in pollo asada!
"Fuck you!"
"Fuck you!"
Yep, fuck me. And my cholesterol. And my blood pressure.
Hopefully I'll die to eat another day!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery-Stake Chop House in Coronado, Recycled Skateboards, I WANT PIZZZZAAAAAAAA and Back to the BBQ Pit

Welcome back everybody!
We be heavy on the food today! No apologies, what you get is what you see.
Live fast, so you may outrun death.
Stake Chop House and Bar, located 1309 Orange Avenue in sunny Coroando, 92118.
Prime USDA beef!
All the fixin's too!
Dessert! All drizzled on.
Multiple desserts.
We pulled out all the stops. Decadence!
On a side note, this place cost buko $$$$$.
Luckily my brother works here and gets %50 off!
Back to the recycled skateboards grind.
My heart goes out to the bub Stu Graham, who's daughter recently passed away due to cancer.
Fuck cancer. I hate cancer. Everybody hates cancer.
All grinded away. The angle grinder does a kick ass job and its alot lighter than a belt sander,
The weight of a belt sander strains my wrist and makes it sore.
Another "9 inch slab by Stu Graham and Creature skateboards.
Evening hype!
Closest pizza joint to my pad. Golden Hills.
Long live Route 44. Never had the wings here before.
Mandatory can of Hamm's while I wait for my pies.
"Sports Bar" on the left, bacon, potato's, chives and sour cream! Basically a baked potato on a pizza! The "Crime Scene" on the right wit ground sausage, ricotta cheese and splattered with marinara sauce on top!
Leftovers. Lunch prep for the next day.
I want pi-zzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I know I've posted this before.....fuggit.
Get in my belly!
Shout out to the bub Stewart for supporting EATFIEND since day one!
This is my spot!
Very mom and pop-ish.
Hard working people at this spot.
Very reasonably priced too.
They finally put collard greens on the menu too!
Shredding with this bub in the next blog! 
Stay tuned!


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Xanarchy, Luigi's Pizzeria, Poker Night and Slamming

Been a few days of no blogging.
Some would say I've been blowing it. I'd say I've been building up content and shredding...
I love cake.
Stopped by Tower Tattoo Parlor to say hi to the bub Skooter.
He's a rad artist.
Time for a breakfast bowl!
Cheese, bacon, avocado. You know how we do!
All chopped up and ready for consumption.
I saw a bunny at work the other day.
I got spots, baby!
Keep finding rad music on the internet.
Kids these days.... His shirt compelled me to investigate this 'artist'.
Not worth posting. It's a fucking joke. Shitty trap music filled with my beloved bird calls.
Night sesh at City Heights park!
Then to Luigi's for some slices and pints.
I fuggin' love pizza.
And beer.
I'll have on of each, please!
Slices on slices!
Then across the street to Gilley's for a few more pints.
Love this divey pit and the people in it.
Then on the walk home, I picked up a tall can.
Feeding frenzy.
Shout out to the bub Spencer Pratti for hooking me up with all these boards!
My little furry man.
Poker night!
Biscuit was all in.
$100 for 1st place, $20 for 2nd.
All passed out.
Not sure what the ketchup packet was all about.
Sweating out at my favorite bowl.
The fatter I get, the harder gravity pulls me to the earth.
These bubs rule.
Supposedly these are 'sins'.
Scootering is the real sin. Throw that thing on the dumper.