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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Quick Random Pics

Transitioning between blogs while working on the new Shit Show.
Here's some filler.
Haven Pizzeria is unbelievably delicious!
They make a mean meat ball too.
Located at 4051 Adams Avenue, San Diego CA 92116.
Get some!
Remember that dead lizard from a few posts ago? Yep, the ants were making a nice meal outta it.
Igby and his thousand yard stare.
The Island with a view.
Orb weaer. Loving my camera. I'm sure your sick of me mentioning it.
Enjoying the football season. Patriots have been doing good!
This furry little bugger.
Speaking of furry, yet not so little. Piech relieving himself.
Split personalities.
Spirit animal.
Fuel for the chaos.

For your listening pleasure. I love this album.
Cat whispering in the night.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Donald Gately's Petco Birthday / EATFIEND Gets On Howard Stern

Breakfast of champions!
Rain was expected in the forecast. No big deal.
Bored doodles.
Really bored.
Don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going.
I just intended to finish.
Keep going.
Almost there.
Like I said, killing time.
Get lost.
I am seriously in love with this stuff.
A snack on the go on our way to a Padre game.
Ancient Age is mandatory.
National anthem while it was raining. A rare sight in San Diego, we really need more rain.
He keeps his inside his wallet.
For his birthday I screamed a bunch of Howard Stern references for him. 'Ba-Ba-Booey' and 'Howard Stern' were the ones that made it onto the Stern show! I screamed 36 different times since it was his 36th birthday. All during the 8th inning (right after they stopped serving beer).
Then we took a walk in the rain in DTSD.
Straight to the Chee Chee to wet our whistles.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- BornRetard "Where's the Thing?"

Sometimes you get invited to a party minutes before you clock out of work and you start humming
Found myself at the V.F.W. on the Island. 
Bathroom art.
Somehow this sack of rocks was there,
King Baby and his cooking torch.
"Hey Marc, nice shirt. Can I have it?"
Mr. Mooch. 'Nuff said.
Later on we wound up at the Leverich house hold for some beers and Pablo time.
WormTtis getting what he deserved.
Best buds these two.
BornRetard trying to talk politics...
Making no sense what-so-ever.
Getting shitty!
Then he was nodding in and out.
KingBaby doing his best to annoy him.
Never forget Zombie Hill.
Passed out.
It was on sale and I couldn't resist.
Salt and pepper. Thats it.
KingBaby was present.
This sort of thing happens when you pass out with your shoes on....
Only one on the block..
Finished! 9 hours later.
First sandwich was a good one. Loaded it with some cheesy Doritos.
I most certainly didn't stop at one.
Laid out and ready to go.
Feasting..... 'Til next blog...
Oh yea, here is a video recap.