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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Another Day at the San Diego Zoo (That's My Shit)

Sleeping dragon...
Into a full stretch...
What a show off.
Heavy weighs the crown, I guess.
Thanks to the bub Larue for hooking me up with a copy of this vid! 
NEWS UPDATE: We acquired (didn't buy) a fidget spinner!
The kids were more hyped on it than my old ass.
Igby wasn't into it.
It kept them slightly entertained.
Went to the Zoo with the wife, as is tradition.
Visited the tigers. 'Cuz that's my shit right there. 
Big furry kitties are my business.
Strutting around for me. Showing off them spots.
It was probably close to lunch time. 
We were hyped to see each other.
Pearly whites.
Look at tat smile!
We have our moments.
On the catwalk, on the catwalk, as I do my little turn on the catwalk.....
Cheers to my babe! Did I mention the San Diego Zoo has an excellent selection of beer?
"Pengys!" is what she calls them.
Black bears eating watermelon.
That's my shit too!
Mopped it up!
Panda bears eating bamboo! That's my shit too-too!
My phone opted to focus more on the fence rather than my furry compadre.
It's all good! We have year passes.
Mandatory visit with the giraffes. I like to get a weather report from them.
Wish I had the skin of a rhino.
I got spots, baby!
WhiskeySlimeMike in his natural habitat.
Even when he looks kinda cute, his eyes are piercing through my heart.
Leftover tri-tip with some asparagus, onions and a twice baked potato with a baked egg in one of the 'tater skins! I think to date, this has been my personal best cooked potato. 
I loved it.
Almost threw away $20.... 
Then after trying one on, I realized how stupid I look and bailed.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboards, Paul Sewell Tribute, The Bronx and R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan

Another day, another opportunity to collect blog content....
......Is this boring you yet?
Blocks for all you lathe spinners out there!
$45 is a bit steep, if you ask me. But I like to keep my ear close to the ground for y'all.
Another chopping block for a bub!
Fed through he wood planer. NOM NOM NOM!.....
Burn marks from the table saw.
I love the way the scraps look.
Getting started on another stack!
Andy Kleins old boards. I personally consider it bad ju-ju if you grip your board over the factory stickers. Then again, I'm kinda weird like that.
Beautiful stencil work and grip jobs.
I have a bunch of these.
Touch up station.
Sanded the burn marks off the edge and sanded to routed side too.
She sure is beautiful!
All cleaned up!
And good to go!
Saw this at the local Food Bowl. Haven't tried it yet.
Sooooooooo good!
Image result for anti hero its shit
I also love Anti Hero's rendition of this popular dessert.
I got a new quiver! Slightly used hand me down Darren Navarrette 8.88" wide!
And it's made with P2 technology, making it slightly lighter without compromising any of the strength! I've had about six of these models and I think NHS discontinued the P2 board because it's too durable. Just a hunch...
Then it was on to a bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel for lunch!
Shout out to the bub Paul Sewell for being pro as fuck on the quiver but also for nailing it at life.
Congrats on fatherhood, bub! Proud of you!

Love the fact that he skated to the song from 'Desperado". Love that movie.

Paul is also a notable SD Ledgend. As seen above!
Shaka time with the bub David Hodge.
Drawing on my lunch. I was more bored than hungry.
Urban poetry on the wall to the Cherry Bomb.
"Chad Zepplin"
Then it was off for a walk to the Casbah.
To see L.A.'s finest, The Bronx! They put on a most excellent show! High, raw, energy from the pits of your angry heart. Too bad Casbah employees don't like it when I pogo dance.

They kill it.
Then a drunken solo stumble home through Balboa Park.
O.B. park aka Hesh Park aka Shockus Park.
Chase Cruz, going for it. Nicest bub ever.
Pure stoke!
You'll have to wait for the next 'Shred Shots' blog to see it!
Donated to the Skatepark, from the X-Games, 2002.
Getting rad for the kids!
Then getting rad with Piech and his girlfriend.

Rest in peace Dolores O'Riordan. Just 46 years young....

Never got to see you and the Cranberries perform live, but your voice will be missed.

Skateboard nerd fact: Corey Duffel wanted to skate to this song but it never happened. I'm sure an all time footy edit will come out of him skating to it.

Nothing is as easy as it looks.
Everything takes longer than you expect.
And if anything can go wrong,
It will, at the worst possible moment.

-Irish Murphy Law